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Hope [CD Set]

Hope [CD Set]

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Hope is one of the most powerful resources believers have for abundant living. Hope transforms despair, clears vision, feeds destiny, anchors faith, and raises expectations for great todays and great tomorrows. Without hope you don’t really live, you just exist. God wants us living! He wants us to know there is a future filled with hope before us. It’s possible because of Jesus, our Living Hope. 

There are, however, seasons when our hope is challenged by situations and life conditions that are out of our control. Our hope can become deferred and our heart becomes sick. It’s the common cold of the soul. What can we do? Is there an answer? Yes! God’s Word is filled with practical, life changing answers. This series is designed to give those answers. Answers that, when applied, will cause hope to spring up and joy to fill your soul. Yes, God can turn things around for you!” 

1. The Dance of Hope
2. Hope Deferred- The Common Cold of the Soul
3. Hope for Tomorrow
4. Hope in Trouble Valley
5. Beauty for Ashes

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