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Greater Glory Season [CD Set]

Greater Glory Season [CD Set]

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The greatest season in church history has now begun.  A massive shift in the Kingdom of God has just taken place.  We are now entering a season Holy Spirit describes as ‘Far Greater Glory’.  It is a season when the tangible (seen and felt) Glory of our King increases heavier and heavier on the New Testament Church.  While it’s impossible for Jesus to more glorious than He already is, He can reveal more and more of His Glory to us.  That is happening!  Surges of His Glory are now beginning.  The world will see the Church of His Presence.  The weight of Christ’s Glory will be demonstrably real, and experienced through signs, wonders and miracles.  This is the season when the Glorious Church begins to rise.  It will be energized by God amping up His Glory in ways never seen before.

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