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Planting the Heavens [CD Set]

Planting the Heavens [CD Set]

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The Holy Spirit is calling for remnant believers to plant the heavens with God's Word. When they do, spheres of creativity are opened for the word to produce after its kind. The seed is in the word itself.

God's righteous seed (believers in Jesus) are here to rule and reign now in this life; not someday, now. His children are to plant His ways into the foundations of their territories, regions, countries, or nations. The Scriptures are emphatic and clear; rule and reign with authority language. Release your High Priest to advocate for your decrees. Declare your faith; it will be established.

1. Words are Seeds
2. Planting the Heavens
3. The Dominion Mandate
4. The Reigning Church, Christ's Ekklesia
5. Decree Your Authority
6. Speak Like a King
7. Come Here
8. Don't Get Nailed
9. The Force of Words
10. Building Blocks
11. Mountain Moving Faith

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