From the desk of Tim Sheets:

We want to partner with you!

As we have been moving forward into this New Era the Lord has been speaking to us regarding “next steps.” We have entered 2021 with great expectation and great excitement. 

Prophet Chuck Pierce gave me a word at the 2021 Prophetic Summit that said, in part, 

“The Lord said Apostle Tim is getting ready to accelerate into places that he's never been before. He's getting ready to move and go into places that he's never been before, and the Lord said, tell him don't worry about the time frame. Don't worry about how he's getting there. The Lord said he's going to move so supernaturally, it will be like he's moving with wings. 
“And the Lord said, I'm not sending you just to bring a message to a nation. I'm sending you to unlock heavenly army structures that must be established this year throughout this land. I say you will have keys and know how heaven is aligning. I say to you get ready. Don't think the way that you normally think. You will move in an accelerated rate and you will look back and say, this nation has been covered with the Host of Heaven. NOW it will overtake its enemy.”

We have been praying and strategizing over this word, and one thing we know for sure — we value our TSM ministry parters so much; we cannot “step up” without you. While much was accomplished up to this point, we know He has greater things in store for all of us, and together we can do this!

We will continue with:

  • Training Seminars
  • County wide and state wide prayer assemblies
  • The development of Kingdom Hubs to influence their surrounding counties
  • Networking, Encouraging, and Supporting the 5-Fold Ministries that equip the saints
  • Training to reach into the 7 Mountains of the culture

and we will continue to define the moment. We are a movement, and movements move!

As we continue to expand, we need those of you who can to partner with us — would you pray and ask God if you are to be one of them? Any level of support will be greatly appreciated. Some can do a little, others can do a lot... but together we can change our nation. I absolutely believe this! 

The Apostle Paul wrote to a people who supported him financially for years. They helped fund his apostolic calling to region after region. They were the Philippians. He told them that God would supply all their needs according to His riches in Glory through Christ Jesus. (Phil.4:19). In other words their sowing in to his ministry calling would be blessed. I am certainly not Paul, but I believe what we are doing and what we are called to do is vital to the cause of Christ. I believe what we are pushing for is good ground to sow in to, and yes, God will bless!

Together, let’s transition into this New Era. 

- Apostle Tim Sheets


For your minimum monthly commitment of $25 to Tim Sheets Ministries, this is our commitment to you:

  • One time gift of current book (The New Era of Glory, Angel Armies, Heaven Made Real, Planting the Heavens)
  • Ongoing 10% discount code for the online store
  • Monthly communication from our offices
  • Ongoing TSM prayer support


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