From the desk of Tim Sheets:

I hear Holy Spirit saying it is time to take Tim Sheets Ministries to the next level. For the past 15 years I have worked hard to build relationships with 5-Fold Ministers and Churches. This has truly been a privilege. We have held nights of awakening and reformation, as well as healing services in so many locations. Through our prayer network we had led prayer assemblies in most of Ohio’s 88 counties, as well as in Indiana, Kentucky, W. Virginia, Pennsylvania, and even Canada. Our prayer torches have been passed from church to church, location to location, where churches and other groups have prayed 24/7 for one week - they have now been passed to over 5150 different places.  

Additionally, this past February (2018) at our annual Prophetic Summit, Prophet Chuck Pierce prophesied that we were to begin two years of intense training to prepare for explosive harvest. As a result I began to implement “New Era” training weekends immediately in churches across the region. These have been successful and more are planned.

It is time to synergize all these efforts together to reach that harvest and prepare for the care of that harvest. Simply put - everything needs to expand:

• Training Seminars
• County wide and State wide prayer assemblies
• The development of Kingdom Hubs to influence their surrounding counties
• Networking, Encouraging, and Supporting the 5-Fold Ministries that equip the saints
• Training to reach into the 7 Mountains of the culture

We are at a defining moment in our nation. Defining moments are decided by who defines the moment. Without question our King Jesus expects His people to rise up and define this moment. We must take our efforts to new levels.

This expansion requires resources I do not currently have. I need those who will partner with me in consistent prayer and with financial support. I am blessed to know many awesome ministries of our times... Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers, and Worship Leaders, and I need to utilize their giftings. However, it takes funding to do that. 

I am asking for partners who will help prepare for the New Era that I believe will be the greatest in church history. Would you pray and ask the Lord if you are one of those partners? Any level of support will be greatly appreciated. Some can do a little, others can do a lot... but together we can change our regions. I absolutely believe this!

The Apostle Paul wrote to a people who supported him financially for years. They helped fund his apostolic calling to region after region. They were the Philippians.  He told them that God would supply all their needs according to His riches in Glory through Christ Jesus. (Phil.4:19). In other words their sowing in to his ministry calling would be blessed. I am certainly not Paul, but I believe what we are doing and what we are called to do is vital to the cause of Christ. I believe what we are pushing for is good ground to sow in to, and yes, God will bless!

There is much to do and I look forward to pursuing God’s purpose at higher levels. Partner with me and together let us transition into a New Era of Greater Glory.

- Apostle Tim Sheets


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