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Tim Sheets Ministries

Fire on the Altar [Digital Download]

Fire on the Altar [Digital Download]

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[6-part series] Everything changes when God's people pray. We can pray people free. We can pray a nation free. We can pray reformation free and released into the land. Today's church must return to the altar, bow in worship, and pray. As Spurgeon said, “Prayer is the furnace of revival." Prayer is the greatest weapon the church has and it's time to use it.

In this series we look at some of the greatest revivals in history. John Knox, Paul Bunyan, Martin Luther, William Booth, Charles Hadden Spurgeon, Praying Hyde, and others reveal the key to great outpourings: prayer. Great revivals are birthed and sustained by great prayer.
The Scriptures reveal many instances where God's fire has supernaturally fallen out of Heaven on altars. This series looks at those references and challenges believers with a clear message: Fire has never fallen on an empty altar! If the altar is empty, there is no fire!
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