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Tim Sheets Ministries

God has a Plan [MP3 Digital Download]

God has a Plan [MP3 Digital Download]

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David was a warrior king who had his share of difficult times. He was betrayed and surrounded by trouble to the degree he had to run for his life on occasion. He often faced times that were simply unfair, but he had a deep seated conviction that his life was in God’s hand.

Not everything in life goes as we expect. Life on a fallen planet proves to be difficult and challenging. But our hope, peace, and confidence rises to overcome when we understand God has our life in His hands. He has plans for us that are good. Even what is meant for our harm He can turn for our good. There are plans He’s been working on we know nothing about to bring suddenlies to our lives. Sometimes, the most profound act of faith is to look up and declare, “God, it’s in Your hands.”

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