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Tim Sheets Ministries

Supernatural Comebacks [MP3 Digital Download]

Supernatural Comebacks [MP3 Digital Download]

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History reveals the testimony of those who overcome great times of hopelessness, despair, fear, and failure. Moses is one of those champions. For 40 years he lived in exile, suffering the emotional trauma haunting his life. He had royally messed up. Trained to be a pharaoh but instead spent four decades in hidden loneliness on a desolate desert mountain called Horeb.

But God wasn’t done with Moses, revealing steps to come out of a failure mindset, Moses listened to God and made one of the most inspiring comebacks in history.

This teaching reveals that no matter what you’ve done, no matter the depths of despair, there is a way out. God knows how to help you make a comeback. Let Moses’ story inspire you to be who you really are.

“Your setbacks are setups for great comebacks.” - Jane Hamon

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