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Tim Sheets Ministries

The New Era of Glory

The New Era of Glory

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In this historic hour, God is raising up a company of believers to serve as a divine intersection point between Heaven and Earth. All of the Spirit's previous outpourings and anointings are being united and activated at the same time- in our time! 

  • Get ready for the Great Convergence as all the past moves of God are joined into one mighty river of glory to be released through you. 
  • Arm yourself for battle as you start reclaiming the areas of your life, family, and society that the devil has infiltrated. 
  • Receive accelerated answers to pray by breaking the spirit of delay. 
  • Speak forth anointed decrees and declarations to access Holy Spirit encounters, victorious spiritual warfare, and more! 

Get ready! We are stepping into an hour where every past move of God's Spirit is converging, finding fullness and fulfillment. Learn how to come into alignment with this epoch moment and witness Kingdom victory, advancement, and outpouring like never before! 

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