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Tim Sheets Ministries

The Standing King [MP3 Digital Download]

The Standing King [MP3 Digital Download]

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Part One: The Standing King

In the season of The Standing King all the previous moves, outpourings, and anointings of Holy Spirit are rolled together and activated at the same time into our times. It is called- "The Standing King Anointing." This teaching reveals the purpose and the power of this very special anointing. It reveals the synergy of the ages that is behind the greatest move of God in church history. It is not coming, it is here. 

Part Two: The Church Makes Her Stand
When the King makes His stand, the church must make her stand. It is time for the church to make its greatest stand for King Jesus in all of history. It is time we stand for Christ’s cause without fear. This teaching describes men and women throughout history that made a stand for this cause and changed the world. We can do the same. This message will challenge you to go to a new level of determined faith and not back down. Yes, the King is worth it.
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