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Tim Sheets Ministries

Warrior's Manifesto [MP3 Digital Download]

Warrior's Manifesto [MP3 Digital Download]

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[1-part series] Submit and comply to the will of God manifesting your Christian faith by being fit and ready to enforce and avenge words contrary to God's word.

Be actively engaged warriors prepared to retaliate when necessary and always ready to extend completely and fully through your obedience, the strategies of your apostolate that pull down your enemies' strongholds. 
Be ready at all times to execute your Christian duties. 
Remnant warriors, be strong in the prevailing capacities of your Lord dominating, superintending, and controlling with God's abilities manifesting through you, over the powers of hell. 
Do not run; do not quit; do not scatter. Remain, stand, and in Jesus name dominate demons, because you have been given “can do" power in Jesus' name to step forward on purpose and with purpose and make a stand against demon methods, against demon devices, and against demon procedures.
Therefore, put your armor on and march forward against the procedures of darkness.
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